Why give to Purpose Church?

Purpose Church focused area of ministry is North Gwinnett and South Hall in Northeast Georgia.  The population growth is booming with subdivisions being built all around us.  We are thankful for the opportunity to join the ministry efforts of other churches in the area but more churches are needed.  

Would you ask God if you should our team by giving?  

  • The ARC Match

    As a member of the Association of Related Church (ARC), Purpose Church is eligible for up to a $50,000 match.  Every dollar you give will be matched, multiplying your investment in Purpose Church.  

  • The Budget Need

    $50,000 for Audio/Visual Worship Equipment, Preschool/Children's space, Signage, and Guest Services.

    $12,000 Deposit for three months for church venue rental

    $8,000 Administration, FellowshipOne, Bookkeeping, Laptops, iPads, and miscellaneous expenses

    $30,000 Ministry opportunities and marketing

    Launch Budget Total: $100,000

What happens when you give?

  1. Purpose Church is a 501(c)(3) making your contribution tax deductible.  
  2. Your gift will be match by ARC, doubling your investment.  
  3. Your gift will be used to help others discover God's purpose for their lives.
  4. As a cheerful giver, God will be honored.  
  5. Your investment will echo throughout eternity.