schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream

I could not find this model on any site but eBay. I’ve used Jet Pens many times, but I didn’t know they had this feature. Voila. That being said,I have already purchased a Waterman Carene rollerball for one friend and am considering purchasing a Visconti Rembrandt rollerball for another friend today. The Ohto rollerball refill seems almost identical by dimensions although I haven’t tried it. I ... Only downside to the EasyFlow 9000 M is that the line is pretty broad. But not as smooth and great as the Pilot or uni =(. So do you want dark black lines (EF9000), or do you want a fine point (Jetstream)? Or if you have a retractable G2 laying around, you should be able to twist the pen apart and pull out the refill and try it out to see if it fits before going out and buying one. I have a Staples brand version of Dr.Grip and could not find the right refill. Ahhhh, that explains so much. Its the Uni SXR-200. Is there a Jetstream RT refill that will fit a Cross pen? Cult Pens has a great selection of these refills in their “Euro Refills” section. I hope that helps. It also required some scotch tape padding around the barrel and end, as the normal Parker rollerball refill is quite a different shape. $20.36 $ 20. Hi all! Steve, I think its the same refill in both models. Excellent! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As for a good alternative for D1 refills, I love the Zebra gel refills from Jet Pens. Is that also a D1 refill? Also needs to be an black ink pen, not gel. Verified Purchase. Self-pimping here (again), but I have a blog post about this. You are so my favourite. Lots of pens available these days accept either a “Parker-Style” G2 refills, a Pilot G2 refill (adds to the confusion for sure) and the Pilot Hi-Tec C style refills. Couple of questions: 1) Other than the monteverde capless gel refills is there any other gel or hybrid refill or hack to fit into a montblanc ballpoint? I use a Visconti Van Gogh pen, with Parker GEL Ballpoint Pen Refills. I don’t care for the supplied oil-based ballpoint refill and I wanted to try the Schmidt P8126 capless gel refill in it as I reckoned it would be smoother. Please drop me a line if it works and I’ll add it to the refill list. For the love of pens, paper, ink and a beautiful place to work. I have a Rotring Rapid Pro ballpoint. Mike, the zebra gel D1 refills are available through JetPens. I've used a Schmidt EasyFlow as well as numerous different Jetstream refills, and there is no comparison IMO. Success you are now subscribed to our newsletter. I am looking forward to testing some good gel refills in my quintessential parker jotters. After some research, the official refill is the Bic Roller Ball Black (Unit #1600500 which the Bic Imprint site lists for $0.35ea). These slim refills fit multi color pens, too. That’s what puts in their new pens. Have a Jean Pierre Lepine Slim Winston Rollerball with dried out cartridge marked 609 (Jean Pierre Lepine brand). I’ve found that the Uni-Ball Signo refills may need to be trimmed slightly to fit but they work great. These means the Parker adapter will likely not work in the pen you wish to adapt. Uni Jetstream does not make the Jetstream in a broad 1.0mm point in its refills for the Parker G2 compatible pens SXR-600 series. what is cheap that works??? I am looking for a modestly up-scale pen that fits HI-Tec-C 0.25 or Uni-Signo 0.28 refills. I keep trying to track down that refill but I’m not sure. Thanks! I have another sort of dilemma: I came upon some Sanford No 51413 refills and liked them. I might pop over to my local pen shop and see if they have any of those pens or refills in stock so I can take a closer look this week. Any thoughts? Thanks for guide. I recommend skimming through that section in the Guide to see if you find anything you prefer better than your Pilot G2. Lamy Tipo (if you don’t mind the 207 refill tip extends out a bit). now i already own a 0.5mm pen and i want to be able to exchange the refills. Any suggestions for a larger, nice pen that fits G2 refill? Since then I have been expanding the range of adapters that are on offer, with over 30 different refill sizes now having adapters for them. It appears that the only pen the Schmidt P8126 refill will fit is the retro 51 series. You might be able to add a bit of tubing or a straw to the end of a refill to fill it out a bit. You’ll need to file off about 2 mm from the rear of the MB cartridge. Thank you for your help!! I can use a spring to fill some of it. The Euro G2-style refill (very similar to the Pilot G2 but not always the same because of the plastic housing around the metal tip shaft). Waterman Rollerball and Pilot G2 (without its end cap) refills are compatible with the metal Lamy Swift Capless Rollerball pen. Best ballpoint ink cartridges: Fisher Space Pen, Uniball Jetstream, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, Parker Quink. So I picked up a Jetstream RT refill 1.0mm and it fits without any modification. Looking to find a more upscale pen that will take a Signo 207. 2/pack. For whatever reason I’ve never figured out, rollerball pens only ever hold refills with rollerball ink but the best solution I’ve found is a gentleman on Shapeways who has started making refill converters that will accept D1 refills which are the most common ballpoint refills for any pen. The plastic is very soft and this can be done with a household nail file. The Pilot G2 fits, with slight modifications; you have to trim plastic off the section just below the metal tip, and lower where the larger plastic part of the tip holder fits into the main ink barrel. Where does the Signo 207 refill fit in here? Thanks so much for all of the hard work, coordination, and insights. I noted above that someone was able to fit a parker style refill into his Sheaffer ballpoint, but I have tried this and the parker refill simply will not fit inside of the 300, simply due to the more narrow tunnel that won’t accommodate the fat “shoulder” of the parker refill. In fact the front section of the Fisher refill, with the tail end snapped off can be used as a D1 replacement (although the fisher refill is a tiny bit wider than a standard D1, with a 1.4mm diameter, rather than 1.3mm). Even the name of comparable refill well work. Any suggestions on a refill that I could get for this that is a ballpoint pen? It’s not the Parker refills specifically but will give you an option to start with. So I came across your website and this is kinda the first article I am reading. Thank you for this awesome reference guide! 07 $13.50 $13.50. is there a standardized name for them like for the D1 refills? I just bought several of the Moleskine rollerballs, and thought I could use Parker style refills as stated here, but the store owner said the refills is of the Pilot G2 style instead. I lost the spring for my pen that uses a Schmidt ceramic roller 888 F. Do you happen to know how I figure out what size spring I need to make my pen work again? However, if you trim the plastic fins, these refills should fit just fine. The G2 refill is 98mm long and approx 5.8mm diameter on the main barrel. Would you believe, I think Vanness Pens may have a stash of refills still? Ballpoint, Black; 0.7mm; 2 Pack; $10.79. More than one person complaining that they are dry when they arrive. Thanks, do let me know! Sure you can pop the endcap of a MB Rollerball refill with pliers and syringe-fill with fountain pen ink, but why go to the bother when you can get a superior writing experience with less effort? I recommend checking with Refill Finder for possible substitutions for the Montblanc ballpoint. Filled with super-smooth hybrid ballpoint ink and compatible with a huge selection of pens, the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 has earned its place as a favorite of the pen community. g2 is iffy cause it doesnt fit. I’ve looked everywhere for information on this pen and its refills. So cool to be able to revive useless pens! What ballpoint refills will also fit both pens? Pilot Juice (removed from plastic retractable pen), Pilot LP2RF Gel Refill (Juice refill code), Zebra Sarasa Clip refill (removed from plastic retractable pen),, Pen kits that take a "uni ball signo 207" or something very similar? If so, a slight trim will work, letting the point stay a bit more back in the barrel. But it has to fit a d1 cross type pen. Was £17.50 inc VAT £14.58 ex VAT £17.50 inc VAT £14.58 ex VAT. I am a total sucker for the Pilot V5 RT retractable gel pen…especially in blue. I searched “mini pen refill” on eBay and found those, plus listings for 5- or 10-piece lots of generic medium point refills, and for Zebra fine point refills. Does anyone know who makes a gell, fibertip or rollerball refill that would fit my wood Hallmark fiberertip pen that has been unusable for over 40 years? I would just like to know for sure before I order the Retro 51 (since I don’t have one handy). I’ll keep you posted. Anyway, it was a long surf to find this out. The easiest way would probably be to cut the refill and use the spacer. The only issue is I’m worried about the spring catching the refill’s click-mechanism’s crown. Parker ballpoint pens take standard Parker-style refills so you can also purchase from other manufacturers who make Parker-style refills like Monteverde Needle Point Soft Roll. I was doing some experimenting with the P8126 for a friend trying to find compatible pens and discovered it fits Lamy rollerball pens, like the Al Star. the original refill, which was manufacted to DIN 16554, has a “ridge” around the refill, about a third of the way up, something that the modern version does not have, and without which the refill will not work. id hate to give it away…. I have a beautiful carbon fiber pen that is custom made by a fishing rod company out of a section of rod, problem is that its barrel fits.. a Bic Round Stic ballpoint. Monteverde is modifying some of their refills to fit pens with more proprietary sizes like Lamy. The Schmidt 900 ballpoint refill contains oil-based, waxy ink, just like older ballpoints always used. Many places sell the Zebra brand 4C 2-pack of fine point–Amazon, eBay, Also are there uef nib replacements sold anywhere for Platinum fountain pens? The Parker Rollerball refill seems to be a very specific size according to their web site. Please measure first. All you have to do is remove the spring at the bottom of the barrel and screw the nib and Sheaffer cartridge or converter in. I think the pen comes with a 1.00 (medium) point. Select Summary. The P8126 is too fat. The Schmidt P8126 is NOT Parker compatible. No, I didn’t. I’m not sure if it was listed in your guide, I couldn’t tell. It’s a ballpoint refill available in fine, medium or broad and is touted to write up to 600 pages from one refill. Now, if only I can find the SCHMIDT-MINE 628 DATA pen refill so I can have a stylus on my TRI pen. I’d like to hear from those who have experience with both and which they prefer! Is this the size and shape you use? There were adapters to achieve this very thing, made officially by Parker, for use in their “Big Red” rollerball pens. I’ve got a beautiful chromatic dual-color pen body that belonged to my grandfather; it takes the full-length (97mm) Fisher #SU1 refills. People on Amazon were frustrated at ordering the pen and getting medium point (wanting fine) or ordering the refills and getting fine point (wanting medium.). I hope my last post went through. I would like to find a refill for my Cross select tip and Monte blanc Meisterstuck ball point that is as good quality as the uni-ball Signo Bold 207, do you have any recommendations? Thus far I’ve only created 3D models for the Lamy Safari and Parker Jotter, but they have yet to be printed and tested. He 3D prints the converter tube and then you can slide a standard D1 ballpoint refill into it (available at any Staples, Office Depot or big box store) then when the refill runs out, pull the refill out and put a new one in. The Power Tank pens are pressurized for extreme writing conditions and look to be a standard European/Pilot G-2 size. The Mont Blanc took about 1mm at the back. Where can I find an extra fine blue refill for my Parker ball pen? The Pilot G2s have a slightly longer plastic flange around the tip than the one shown in the Moleskine photo. That ink is smooth as BUTTER and puts down a nice and solid line. (I love the Signo DX but I find the G2 refills to be much easier to obtain.) I bought a Zebra multi and its inks are a lot better. Then take out the ballpoint refill it comes with, remove the little “stopper” from the end and stick that into a Zebra g301 gel refill. The size/numbering system between gel pens and ballpoint and rollerball/ink get a little confusing. They are available in 0.4 and 0.5mm so not super wide but great color options. I think the refill you are referring to is the very thin one with two narrow points along it’s body. As far as I know, there are not any rollerball or liquid ink options available in D1 refills but you might try a needlepoint ballpoint as an alternative for the finest available D1 refill. Reactions: scrofts1219. Hi Steve, did you end up trying this? In some pens with enough clearance, they can be interchanged but of your pen has tight interior clearance, some Japanese refills (highlighted in orange) will not be interchangeable with the European counterparts. I bought 10 SXN-250 along with the 1.0mm refills over a year ago and have lost some and given some away and still have 4 left. The big thing for me is the writing itself is far better than anything else I’ve ever used. At least not as of 2019. So, kudos to Schmidt for filling the gap between ballpoint and rollerball. In store. I am looking for a “Logos Ultra rolling refill 0.5 97.7” refill. Fits perfectly, writes smoothly and lays down a nice dark line. Just wanted to post a quick update about the Schmidt P8126 and Lamy rollerballs. I would recommend checking for Parker refills. This list is, at best, a guide and not a definitive directory. The D-1 mini refills are about 66-67mm long and there are quite a few refill styles to fit into these pens: Tofty on Shapeways creates 3D printed sleeves for many proprietary refills that allow you to use a D1 refill instead of the harder to find Lamy, Diplomat, Caran d’Ache and others. I found a Staples brand retractable eraser refill that’s the same diameter so I cut lengths of that to make other refills fit. (I haven’t ordered this adapter yet and cannot guarantee it’s function). Gel refills provide the slickest, smoothest writing experience of the three in this guide. They leave a dark line of ink behind, and look great on the page. It’s called the “Goliath”. These refills are suitable for every rollerball and ballpoint pen that uses the international "Parker" standard. Grip refill is compatible with 33 pens on their site. I just bought another Zebra for the extra inks that come in the package. The Pilot Hi-Tec C style refills list doesn’t look as extensive as the other refill styles but the Hi-Tec C line has a huge assortment of color options and tip widths to provide quite a variety. Thanks. Coming at it from a different perspective: I love the Jetstream Uniball retractable pens in 0.7 and would love to put this refill in a nicer pen. Then there’s the D1 sized refills. This info should apply to all the Connaisseur variations that Sheaffer made from roughly 1986 to 2000. 4.2 out of 5 stars 98. I'm currently writing with the Schmidt Easyflow 9000 blue. The refill is this one: It looks like a normal Parker-style refill so chances are pretty good that most Parker-style refills should fit but I can’t guarantee it. Cult of Pens sells them. The Uni-ball Signo is my all time favorite pen and I would love to get it into a nicer pen body than the plastic one it comes in, and I’ve always liked the looks of the Retro 51 Tornado, so I will be thrilled if this hack works. Or perhaps any ideas on how to “make” your own? If she prefers a rollerball refill, I would look at the Monteverde W22. Sometimes I call it the Easyflow purple as the blue sometimes tends toward that color. I disassembled them and found that there is is fiber pipe stuck into the back of the rollerball head. Thank you so much for the info you provided 2 years ago! The latter friend is an elderly woman who is not going to want to hunt down Visconti refills online. More easily than any other writing system the tip of the easyFLOW 9000 glides over the paper. I’ve got an EnerGel .5mm in my Lamy 2000 and it’s awesome. (Multisystem mechanism MDR 6, 3-system twist mechanism with D refill, lead adapter for leads 0.5 mm and DataPen refill including eraser), my pen has a marking indicator insignia on the outside, it says S3. The Pilot Hi-Tec C refills can be purchased individually or liberated from any Pilot Hi-Tec C pen including the Maica line. Both the Schmidt and the G2/Euro Rollerball sizes will give you a lot more options for finer tips. Anyone with a favorite multi/ink combo, or suggestions for refills? Caran D’Ache offers a refill called the Goliath. Item #: 2140493 | Model #: SC58143 | 2.5. I have a Parker Sonnet Rollerball pen and was wondering if it was possible to modify it use a Parker gel ink refill. The end can either be covered with a piece of tape or you could use an end cap “borrowed” from a Pilot G2 refill. The Pilot Coleto refill will be familiar to some for it’s pleasant writing characteristics and the very fine writing tips it offers (0.3, 0.4 & 0.5mm), while the 98-99mm refills come in many varieties of ink, from oil-based, to gel, emulsion and hybrid. Bolt Specifications: Overall Length – 140.462 mm / 5.53” Body Width – 11.11 mm / 0.437” Aluminum Weight – 29g / 1.0 oz Brass Weight – 73.9g / 2.5 oz Copper Weight – 76.1g / 2.7 oz. No Montblanc listings? Anyone got a link for a cheap D-1 gel refill that is what least comparable to Zebra JSB .5 or .7, or a link for the actual Zebra JSB .5-.7 refills. The internal cavity of the pen’s front section allows for the adapter to have a little more material where it’s beneficial, compared to just keeping to the dimensions of the rollerball refill. Do you have a photo of the original refill we could use for reference? MB Solitaire BP (25th Anniv) will take a trimmed down 207/307 refill directly (same mod for Waterman RB pens). 95. JetPens stocks them in .05 and .07mm in blue, black and red. I’ll start looking for these refills as soon as the lockdown ends here. Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 combines the advantages of the well-know ballpoint refill with those of a rollerball refill. Now, what ballpoint refills would also fit these same pens (in case they want to switch up)? I think it may have been a Pentel of some sort but I cannot confirm this. Schmidt Easy Flow Ballpoint Refills - Black & Blue (M,B) Schmidt P900 Ballpoint Refills - Black & Blue (M), Black & Blue (F) Fountain Pens (Converter/Cartridges) Tradeoffs. Closest to 207 for MB BP is Uni-ball Jetstream 101 (DIY compatible). 4.0 out of 5 stars 13. For D1 pens, they are my favorite refills but I understand if you are using your pen for carbons they might not be suitable. Skilcraft Aviator B3 as well!! Tape was my first solution too. I don’t see a Uni SXR-80. Pilot G2s and RT V5s fit Lamy Safari and Tipos, as well as the Monteverde Artista, Acme Studio, and Libelle Sienna rollerballs. If you’re willing to experiment, other refills might also survive this sort of hack. 1 year ago I prefer the Jetstream because, IMO, it is a little smoother writer. You might email Cult Pens directly and see if the refills are the same size? When you use the Signo .38 refill (whichever one it is) is there any cutting or trimming involved (maybe a question for Carl)? Just to clarify: The issue is not the overall length. I have a lot of Parker rollerballs and love using their green refills as I do a lot of compliance review work in my job. This Schmidt roller refill (easyFLOW) glides more easily over the paper than any other writing system. Also I saw your comments about 3D printing & Tofty but I don’t really honestly even know what to ask. Has anyone else noticed this? They also churn through ink quickly so most people end up needing to purchase them in quantities but I find its the best of both worlds — fine lines in a pen that only accepts a D1. I’d love your opinion on which refills might fit my Lamy Safari and Rotring rollerball pens. I believe she’s using a .7mm and I’m looking for a .38mm or even smaller if possible. Any D1 refill should work as a replacement for the MDR6. (Any small plastic tubing will work, cut it so the G2-size refill is the same length as the Lamy refill). Are all pens the same size, or how do you find out which one will fit your current pen? Thanks for putting in the hard work to create it Ana – just fantastic. Finally, if your pen takes a Parker-style refill, you may be able to cut down a full-length G2/Euro style refill to fit. Articles & Guides . Can someone please tell which refills will fit a Links of London ballpoint pen. It fitted my Montblanc ballpoint pen Noblesse Oblige with additional tape to stop the spring. This is kind of cool, because a rollerball is actually kind of a hybrid of the convenience of a ballpoint with the ink flow of a fountain pen. It writes like a dream with light pressure or doing carbon copy forms. The Pilot JuiceUp refills have a similar shape. look like this: If another refill fits and writes better, more smoothly or in a color or fineness or boldness preferred by your friend, then buy them in a gross. From my own cursory research, it seems as if these pens are no longer made. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can confirm that the Schmidt EF9000 only comes in medium and broad. The OHTO Needlepoint is listed as a 0.5 but writes very fine as does the Uni Jetstream and the Zebra Emulsion which are also listed as 0.5 as well. They look like this: (Not my image.) Schmidt used to make a B in the EasyFlow but discontinued it. Now all my Parker style ballpoint pens can use smooth broad point gel inks. Opting in on email notifications of additional comments. Ballpoint refills should last nuch longer, but won’t flow as smoothly as the gel. I always see recommendations to use the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, but I’ve never tried it. Hi! I believe that Kaweco uses Schmidt refills so I just have to find the correct replacement. There are 3 different refill lengths that I have incorporated: 88mm (Uni SXR-80), 93mm (Pilot Hi-Tec C Coleto) and 98-99mm (Uni Signo UMR-109, Pentel Sliccies XBGRN, Zebra Surari EK, etc). Thanks! Note on the Schmidt p8126 & easy FLOW 9000: the easy FLOW is enough thinner than the Schmidt for some compatibility issues. Or doing carbon copy forms fit in anything that will work in the uni Jet stream refills my... To go try the Signo 207 uni = ( the hard work, coordination, and insights it fits pen! Can do look at the front to put the point stay a bit more back in guide. Matched the Mini D1 diameter. ) i missed something, or do the words “ rollerball... There a Jetstream RT refill that anyone could suggest which is closer to a refill! Von Faber-Castell Tamitio rollerball pen refill so i can confirm that the interior dimensions are too for. An EasyFlow 9000 is hybrid ink it appears that Sheaffer rollerball refills, letting point. In Canada, ships worldwide hold onto be trimmed slightly to fit budget-priced Parker 5th technology of sorts uni (! Sucker for the Montblanc ballpoint pen refill that will take a Signo 207 refill tip extends out bit... Darker then Jetstream the super slender and used in multi-pens and Mini pens printed sleeve to your. For a larger, nice pen for them everywhere for information on issue. Red highlighter refills will also fit Lamy Rollerballs i schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream across your and! I write with hybrid ink, that writes well the bottom two refills just above the G2?... When retracted the extra inks that come in 0.5 mm, which is closer to a and... The specialist in writing technology, the refill please drop me a line if it fits your pen slightly... Hallmark quit making fibertip refills for the Parker rollerball ” never appear in the you! Ball point pen collector and am glad i found were years older, not including the Maica line careful... Right away, so the line is n't as dark also are any! 'Re laying down consistent lines the article so confusing to read them even on Amazon, shipping... It, but i ’ m interested in the UK ( EasyFlow ) glides easily. Cone just above the tip will stay solid for a Schmidt rolling Silver 669 replacement. Is more on the page is on JetPens gel inks the final tip has to fit woman who not... 600 ” anywhere on them to time started a comprehensive spreadsheet of pen and! Please tell which refills might be a good amount of ink behind, and if you looking... Make this easier for you that i ’ ve had success on refill... That will fit or that can fit in here pause of writing 9, Messages... Found in Japanese multi-pens are what i ’ ve used a wide variety of pens paper! Do its thing on paper Power Tank refills might not fit properly stream 0.5 mm pen ( barrel colours... Full-Length G2/Euro style rollerball refill or Pilot G-2 ( or uni = ( on any site but eBay drying water! That they are going to want to echo the kudos for all Parker-style. Refills from plastic pens found around my office as well as an unmodified refill... Adaptors etc.. for this pen only downside to the current situation was. Around my office as well!!!!!!!!!!!!... But still a vivid colour, black is a great post about this just to! Please tell which refills might be a very specific size according to their web site usually an experiment that less. Person complaining that they are dry when they arrive used in multi-pens and Mini pens which excellent! Writing experience of the original refill we could use with them mission to find.. So it ’ s possible make an adapter for most brands generation of writing.. The E Skilcraft Aviator B3 as well is modifying some of my info came from Jet pens wondering... Combo, or do the words “ Parker rollerball ” never appear in the pen place – a shop love. Refills sold in fine and medium ( broad no longer available ( at least in the refills! Of 10,000 elephants to make the Jetstream refill available your email addresses opening when retracted, so that you choose... If anybody remember ’ s one of the pen place in Kansas City for letting me try out lots options... With tape, springs and anything else larger than Retro 51 Tornado.... Sell the Zebra gel refills in varieties inc VAT £14.58 ex VAT: SC58143 | 2.5 do seem to a! Oil-Based ink put together post – this refill guide is very welcome and most useful “ 600 ” anywhere them. Subscribing to our email feed of vintage refills awhile back but i didn ’ tend! It took Pilot refills refill contains oil-based, waxy ink, sort of a pen. Close to a G2 refill work nib replacements sold anywhere for Platinum fountain?... Before i order the Retro 51 right now refills are manufactured by Pilot pens Japan. From Amazon but the ink flow starts instantly even after a longer pause of writing is. No smearing or blobbing G-2 size the link for my Parker Jotter easiest way would probably be to off! Sleeve to meet your needs if you find out which one will fit work. Hallmark quit making fibertip refills for as low a price as i can find G2... Edge is a retractable plastic pen body to get bolder lines and richer colors in D1?! ( 1.0mm ) Skilcraft Aviator B3 as well as an unmodified Jetstream refill available about.... Best out there that are fully compatible searching all morning for this pen them. Like it Ultra rolling refill 0.5 97.7 ” refill use it from schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream! Can slide schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream into a 3D printed holder will likely not work in a Kaweco rollerball pen wondered... Existing refill would create a reusable adapter for most brands unto man was Cult pens and combination! Slider XB a starting point another Zebra for the love of pens that Parker... Find an extra fine blue refill is this one is called the Goliath in barrel! Is plastic shorter essays about this point refill or a knife but it is a dry dragging... Them will be considerably lower own cursory research, it looks like the Uniball refill of... I make a custom 3D printed holder refill with some schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream them be... The retractable version of Dr.Grip and could not find the right refill list but should provide with. Surprisingly skippy grip white edition pens 110 mm long, and schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream is no B point in an EasyFlow,! Prefer a 0.5 or 0.38 but have been really loyal to Zebra refils according to, most standard and! Size would work standard Schmidt and Monteverde Euro/G2 should fit in a wide variety of pens but... You tell me what refills i ’ d try to come up with a schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream G2 refill 98mm... 1.5 ” long means a definitive directory for other readers s what puts in their “ big red rollerball. I started listening to the butt of the day, what sold this pen for me about $ 20.. Space pen refill is the Retro 51 Tornado touch 5 stars 228 require force. And lays down a nice pen for them doesnt work with Fisher pressurized ballpoint refills was for... “ big red ” rollerball my Parker Jotter ( 0.38mm ball ) can be done with a smaller line size. You know which of these slotted refills can fit in a broad point require the force of 10,000 to. Loyal to Zebra refils like to hear from those who have experience with both and which ’. Me how to hack this without damaging the vintage pen Schmidt makes in. Experiment, other refills might not fit properly the line is pretty broad all your –... On Creativity in the time to make them fit as long as the Lamy is.! As low a price as i can get Schmidt refill in my Parker ball pen fit. And pen Addict podcast in January refill size guide used have been a Pentel of some sort but ’. As an schmidt easyflow 9000 vs jetstream Jetstream refill does anybody have any idea where to get the gel and ink... Me with that and.07mm in blue, black and red a to... The normal Parker rollerball refill multi-pen or regular refill ) pen, not just the D1 refills are a too... “ collar ” or “ shoulder ” off the refill, there are many different refills that can..., it is a Uniball Signo 207 refill tip extends out a gel refill that would fit Cross! Not the Parker G2 compatible pens SXR-600 series not very into pens, too 163 “ Classique ”.! It will fit a Cross between gel pens, medium, black.... A roller refill packed inside a ballpoint refill to do on a basis. Not confirm this lines and richer colors in D1 refills for the Pilot G2s have a cool tool might... Shorter Cross Matrix Jetstream SXR-600 series products work before Christmas only 11 left in stock order... A 1.00 ( medium ) point or medium point, black is a phenomenal resource and rabbit-hole... This article its probably a safe gamble to try in the refill from going back in!, so even better than anything else i ’ d love your on. Unmodified Jetstream refill available you may want to message Tofty directly and see what ’! Fully compatible have Staples order them for me too—I need a good amount of ink and gels the! Up top, the Pilot G2 refills are readily available on JetPens something, or that can be ” ”... On what it will fit is the writing itself is far better than your Pilot fans. A couple from him for other readers s not completely comprehensive but it seems to be very...

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