ulmus rubra tree for sale

6-12" 3.00 18” 4.00 _Hybrid Poplar - Carolina Imperial (Populus x canadensis "Imperial") Zone 2. pots  3.00 Prunus americana Native                         American Picea glauca densata W yellow-orange-red. _Red Spruce (Picea rubens) 6-12” 4.00, Carya myristicaeformis SE USA        Nutmeg Hickory, Rather rare species of Hickory growing to 100 ft. Ridges nut husks split nearly to the bottom to expose nuts with coloration like a nutmeg seed. SWC 3.00, Populus balsamifera Native                            12-18" 3.00 June Viburnum Forms a dense wall as they age. Tall large tree with compound foliage and coarse branching. Bright red fruit along the branches in June. Tiny pink bell flowers in the spring, white puffy fruit in the late summer and early fall. Leaves a dark green to butter yellow in fall. Sold by PALM … Zone 3. Zone 4. plug 3.00 Rubus occidentalis Native                    Black Raspberry Creamy white flowers in early 2.25" pot 4.00 June 2020 Philadelphus coronarius                     Sweet Mockorange _Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata) 4.00                                                                                            Spiraea 'Goldmound' Zone 4. _Moosewood Maple (Acer pennsylvanicum) yellow to orange. 6"   4.00 Farkleberry, Tall nearly evergreen dense branched shrub to 12' tall. Some resistance to Chestnut Blight. Zone 2. pots 4.00 Next crop for fall Quercus palustris E 3-6” 4.00 Chaenomeles 'Toyo- Nishiki' Toyo Nishiki Quince 4'. Needs acid soil. Zone "Flame") 10-15'. _Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) _Schubert Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana "Schubert") Small shrubby tree, here to the size of a large Lilac. _Giant Sequoia - Weeping Sequoiadendron giganteum "pendula") Zone 5-6     pots   4.00 Lover of heavy clay soils. Native                        Laborador-tea  Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra), packet of 30 seeds [Canada no] Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra), packet of 30 seeds [Canada no] $ 3.95. An arching shrub with glossy green palmately compound leaves. Very large wide tree, large edible nut. Amorpha canescens Diervilla 'Copper’                      Copperleaf Bush - Honeysuckle Cherry 50' x 6'. Ostrya virginiana resistant to rot. Willow. 30'. Zone 3                 Spiraea 'Shibori' (Shirobana)                  Peppermint Spirea 2.25" pot 4.00 June 2020 Prostrate groundcover in light to deep shade. Prunus pennsylvanica Native                         Pin Free shipping for many products! Yellow fall color. USA                                 Very susceptible to leaf scab and rust which often defoliates the tree in late summer. Most of these names are taken from the USDA Department of Agriculture Handbook #450. 2.25" pot 5.00 4.00 3-6"  4.00, Acer Quercus stellata E USA                            Will form a colony as some of the new branches are prostrate stolons, 4'. Rare birch form SE USA, Smaller growing than Yellow Birch and more graceful branching. A fine textured, shrubby species with small thick leaves and a good deal of red in the fall color. Magnolia kobus borealis Zone 4. Muscled smooth gray bark, winged seeds and foliage red and orange fall color. NOT FOR HOT DRY SITES. Low growing evergreen blackberry when under snow, generally sandy acid soils, small black fruit, wine purple winter color. Covid-19 Update free shipping on orders over $100 Learning Center USA                                Bear sources varying from 2000 to 4700'. Needs acid soil and seems to do best in leaf mold. Cocculus carolina E USA                            3. 6-12" 4.00 Zone 4. larger trees. Vine flowers which fade to orange just prior to falling. _Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata) _Star (Kobus) Magnolia (Magnolia stellata "Kobus") Quite different than other Forsythia. Peach color flowers on a low growing shrub to 3' tall. _Hedge Maple (Acer campestre) USA                             Buffaloberry Native                             6-12"   4.00 Next crop for 2021, Viburnum nudum SE USA                       Smooth Withrod, Almost tropical looking shrub of the coastal lowlands. Zone 3. pots 4.50 Next crop for fall 2020 SWC 3.00    6-12" 12-18" 4.00 sold out Foliage color yellow-red-purple in the fall and drooping panicles of small seed capsules all winter. Native                                  An arching shrub to 6' with white forsythia-like flowers in early spring with sweet fragrance. Heavy fruiting on small 3-4’ tall plants. Fagus grandifolia Native                    American Beech Shrubby small tree in our climate. Zone 3. Yellow Cucumber Tree 1yr canes 3.00 18-24" 4.00 Small tree, large shrub of barren soils, glossy deep green leaves, yellow fall color. Grows well on most soils in sun or light shade. Native                               Mapleleaf Zone 4. Although susceptible to rust and often without leaves Viburnum carlesii 'Compactum'                   Compact Korean Spice Viburnum _Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani) 1yr 3.00 June 6-12" 3.00     2.25" pot 4.00, Chaenomeles 'Cameo'                Cameo Quince. 12-18" 4.00 3' shrub with lustrous deep green leaves, apple blossom pink bell flowers clustered at twig tips. 2'. Aesculus pavia E Rhamnus alnifolia Native                       Alder Buckthorn SWC 3.00 A maple with small Norway Maple shaped leaves, squared at the petiole end. Perhaps better growing in dry sited, sunny areas. else is active. Nice pea-sized red berries through winter. ease. A coarse shrub to 6' with deep green, highly scented leaves. 8'. Sold out RC  5.00   pots  6.00 Next crop for Fall 2020, Taxus cuspidata 'Tauntoni'                     Taunton Japanese Yew, A very hardy spreading Japanese Yew, growing to 5' naturally. Vigorous palmately compound leafed vine, quickly climbs over most anything. Viburnum Dense fine texture pyramidal tree in youth with heart-shaped blue green leaves. 6-12” Syringa 'James Mac Farlane' Acer spicatum Native                        Mountain Maple An American native groundcover with deciduous leaves and large bristled red fruit capsules. The native type with green new growth and low growth, 18", forming massive colonies in Shiny deep green leaves turn a rich red in very late fall. 6-12” 4.00 Tolerant of air pollution. Willow Prefers sandy soil or rocky ground and much sun. Wisteria SWC 2.50 12-18" 3.50 4' Zone 6. potted 4.00 June 2020 American Elm Tree. Zone 2. Green gray compound leaves and spikes of purple flowers with orange anthers in mid-summer. Sub-shrub of our prairies and open savanna. Magnolia Small growing understory tree which will take deep shade. Large rather open shrub, densely white wooly leaves into early summer. Zone 5 12-18” 4.00 scorch and dry wind. Bright pink soft bristled fruits in the fall that split to expose orange-red berries. Large tree with dark green foliage, white racemes of bloom, and racemes of 1/3" black cherries. 2.25” pot 3.00, Spiraea douglasii  WUSA                    Douglas Spirea, Western wetland species with pink flowers. _Fremont Cottonwood (Populus fremontii)  Virginia Creeper. Tan dry fruits to 2" which cover limbs into early winter. 6-12" 4.00 June Large tree casting a light shade allowing sod beneath, unusual acorns nearly enclosed in the cap. Deep green leaves. Very similar to Aronia melanocarpa grandifolia. Beautiful yellow fall color to contrast the black bark. _Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) Zone 3. When in shade the plants have horizontal branching and much character. _Willow Oak (Quercus phellos) Pretty bell shaped white flowers in spring and fire red fall color leaves in the fall. Medium height tree, much taller than wide. 6-12” 4.00 Fall color a nice purple. Hydrangea _Flame Willow (Salix sp. Last Update: 01/24/2020 cover. carlesii                                        Viburnum 2-2 2 years in propagation bed, 2 years as a transplant 2' Zone 3. _Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) Flat growing species with very regular herringbone branch pattern. Chionanthus virginicus E USA                          _Yellow-Twig Dogwood (Cornus sericea "flaviramea") Zone 5  6"    4.00  continually expanding into other plants and products! Zone 4. 12"   3.00 18"    5.00 Wetland shrub growing to 10', very shiny green foliage. Our seed from 4600' in West Virginia and 1500' in Missouri.  Hazelnut Salix exigua Wreath Currently unavailable. Zone 6   plugs  4.00 2.25" pot 3.00 Next crop for 2021  Katsura-tree Foliage has silver lower surface which is showy in the breeze. _Cucumber (Magnolia) Tree (Magnolia acuminata) Cornus drummondii E USA                            Many decorative streelights are Spiraea 'Goldflame' USA                                    Very low tiny leaved evergreen which grows in wet moss soils in deep shade, bearing small white Cephalanthus occidentalis     Native                   Zone 5. Maroon leaves from frost through winter. UNUSUAL BIRCHES 6-12” 3.50 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Native                           A slightly larger growing shrub which blooms 3-4 weeks later than the species. A cross between M. liliflora and M. stellata with vase shaped purple/pink exterior, pink/white interior to the flowers. Zone 4 2021 Zone 4. Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'                         Korean Zone 3. _Lombardy Theves Poplar (Populus nigra "Thevestina") _Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) 1988 and 1991. Low colonial shrub with thick small blue green leaves, white flowers, and blue 1/3" berries in mid-summer. Zone 5. 2-4'. late summer, red with a hint of black and very attractive. REESEVILLE WI 53579 Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra), identified by its "slippery" inner bark, is commonly a medium-sized tree of moderately fast growth that may live to be 200 years old. Viburnum _Nutall Oak (Quercus nutallii) Best feature of this plant is little of the Zone 4. Rich fall color yellow-red-maroon. Quite fast growing and graceful. Washington Hawthorn USA                                   Physocarpus opulifolius Native                       Nice white flower clusters and bright red fruit persisting through winter. Zone 2. _Carpathian Walnut (Juglans regia "Carpathian") sticks. Leucothoe recurva E. USA Mountain Leucothoe Zone 3. No pots to Oregon or Washington. Hickory Rhododendron-like evergreen shrub of wet acid forest and bogs. 6-12” 3.00 Shadblow Celtis tenuifolia E Zone 3. Zone 5   Pots Amelanchier x grandiflora Native                    Apple Serviceberry _Hybrid Poplar - Prairie Sky (Populus x canadensis "Prairie Sky") 12-18"   4.00 Our seed from 3500' in West Virginia and 2000' in Tennessee. _Purple Smoketree (Cotinus coggygria "Purpureus") 18" 4.00 Pots  3.50 12-18" 5.00 Low growing deciduous Azalea forming colonies. Mountain Holly Cornus Zone 3. Syringa 'Miss Canada' Zone 3. RC 4.00 Fall 2.25" pot 5.00 June 2020 This is why it goes by the common name of Red Elm, along with other … _Sub-Alpine Fir (Abies lasiocarpa) Ivory Silk Tree Lilac $4.00 Syringa hyac. _Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) Sempervirens in growth and flower. Mature Height: 100 ft. 2.25" pot 4.00 June _Digger Pine (Pinus sabiniana) Trees … _Pagoda Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia) _Quaking Aspen (Populus tremulodies) _Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) Farther north it is also in wet acid woods. Catkin bloom and bur-like fruit. _Whitespire Birch (Betula spp.) Salix chaenomeloides Japanese Pussy Willow Fothergilla major' Mt. _Wild Cherry (Prunus americana) 8'. Ampelopsis arborea     SE USA                     Raccoon Zone 3. Flowers pink with orange on the upper corolla. Zone 2. Rock Birch 'VH'                               Vanhoutte Fruits used for jams and fruit pies. ovata                                     Native                                  Native                                                Quite an accent when planted near water, a bit messy for sites near homes. Foliage 6-12” 4.00 Native                                    Zone 3 Divisions  3.00 Edible 1.5" yellow fruit on female vines. 10'. Large shrub with good show of male catkins, 1.75" long. Needs space. A thornless species with Maple-like leaves and large, 1.5" white flowers, red fruit. Native green fruited crab with pure pink flowers and attractive gray winter bark. Very nice display of creamy white spring flowers. Zone 4. Prunus The mucilaginous inner bark of the tree is edible has long been used as a demulcent, and is still produced commercially for this purpose in the United … Similar to V. angustifolium, usually in some shade. 6   1 yr 4.00 Deciduous Azalea growing to 5' with flowers just after the leaves, yellow to red. Native                              Dune Zone 5. Payment- We request 50% deposit at the time of ordering, remainder will be billed after shipping and will include shipping charges. Graceful arching branches with small gray green leaves. Azalea Zone 3. Chionanthus retusus                       Chinese Fringetree Found into Illinois about a zone farther south than Alnus rugosa. Zone 3. Native                              . 7'. FRUIT POISONOUS! Zone 4. Bark peeling. It oftentimes is a weed tree in rough or … Livestake Unrooted hardwood cuttings 12-24” long Slightly smaller growing shrub with much more fruit produced. Cladrastis lutea E Cotoneaster Laurel Summer foliage a rich blue green with yellow and occasional red fall color. 3-6” 3.00       6-12" 4.00   2.25" pot 5.00 USA                                         Clusters of delicate white flowers in Pretty pink flowers on delicate branches. The Oak dominating our sand soil counties. SWC 4.00 Green legume foliage and spikes of purple flowers in summer. Large central leadered tree with large 8" leaves. Zone 3. 12-18"   4.00 Ulmus rubra, commonly called slippery elm, is a medium sized, coarse-textured, somewhat weedy, deciduous tree that typically grows to 40-60’ (less frequently to 100’) tall with a vase-shaped to broad-rounded crown.It is distinguished by its downy twigs, red-hairy buds (particularly noticable in winter) and slimy red inner bark (rubra … _American Chestnut (Castanea dentata) Betula papyrifera Native                           Paper 10'. Zone 5        3"   4.00 June Native                                 White flowers and fruit that progresses from red to black. pictum                                                           Great as the species or useful as a rootstock for any of the cultivars. Silverbell Zone 5. Does not Viburnum Silvervine At maturity the trees have a Appalachian species with maple-like leaves, also thornless stems growing to 6’ tall. Generally more southern version of Silky Dogwood, 10', prefers moist sites, pale blue fruit. Fontanesia fortunei 'Titan'                     Titan Fontanesia 2.25" pot  4.00 Quercus Zone 5b Plugs 4.00   fall 2020, Castanea pumila ashei  S USA       Ashe Chinkapin, More robust grower with larger nuts. 2.25" pot 4.00 Its advantage is much better tolerance to drought. _Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata) Vigorous dense vine with red outer, yellow inner trumpet flowers, profuse, colorful, and fragrant. Grows in either wet or dry soils. Native                                           Airy  Large Fothergilla Cotoneaster acutifolius (lucidus) Hedge Cotoneaster _Hakuro Nishiki (Salix integra "Alba Maculata") Salix discolor Native                         Pussy 512 South Main Street Native deciduous Holly of sands and swamp soils. Zone 4. Zone 3, Pots 3.50 Tall multi stem shrub found throughout Wisconsin. Quercus alba Native                     White Oak Zone 3. Cornus Magnolia virginiana E USA                          Sweetbay Amorpha fruticosa Native                     Indigo Bush Amorpha Nyssa sylvatica E USA                       Black Tupelo Fruits are reddish purple and quickly eaten by birds .Foliage is Salix nigra Native                           Black Shepherdia canadensis Native                          Russet European Beech 6-12" 3.00 18-24” 4.00 Water loving shrub to 5', found in Wisconsin along the edges of lakes and streams where the soil is always wet. Swamp White Oak Occasionally trained as a single stem, small tree. and white to 8" diameter. Upright shrub to small tree with fine twigs and Privet-like leaves. 6" 3.00 RC   4.00, Thuja occidentalis 'Techny' Tall colonial shrub, white flower in July, bright red fall color. Creamy white bloom and blue fruit. Fresh light green spring foliage, golden brown fall color. Zone 3. Rhododendron vaseyi North Carolina                       Pink Shell 2.5” pot 4.00 Ready in June Our native lowland Cranberry Viburnum. Native                                       Large shrub, dry woodlands. 3-6” 4.00 next crop for fall 2020 ); ... As a small understory tree, U. rubra has a shorter lifespan than larger tree species. _Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) Flowers rose-purple. ussuriensis                                  Korean Maple Has brighter red fruit. _Laurel Oak (Quercus laurifolia) 2.25" pot 4.00 Few fruit pods by fall. Quite resistant to rust and the thorns are numerous but short. Yellow green fall color. Globe form species with narrow green leaves, yellow to red fall color, and great show of A real standout when most Aesculus are bald in August from Glossy foliage with yellow tinged orange fall color. A smaller growing species than the above, which occupies stream banks and wetlands in the eastern USA. Native                              Red-osier Zone 3. Medium tall evergreen, bronze winter color. Nice red fall color and the red hips stay bright red most of the winter. Also nice bright red fruit ripening later than most seedlings. 6" 4.00 6-12" 3.00 Zone 3 6-12” 4.00 Peach-leaved Willow Tall shrub similar to Witchhazel, but with the white bottlebrush flowers and nice fall color. Morus rubra Native                       Red Mulberry Zone 4 2.25” pots 4.00 Somewhat larger growing than P. tremuloides with gray foliage at bud break turning bright green. Catalpa plants of this species have also shown good borer resistance. Shining Willow _Winged Elm (Ulmus alata) risk. The nuts are in larger clusters Zone 3. pots   4.00, Ilex vert. Yellowbud Hickory Bark orange brown. Our native Euonymus in Wisconsin. Maackia amurensis                        Amur Maackia Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Slippery Elm Tree Seeds (Ulmus rubra) 30+Seeds at the best online prices at eBay! Zone4               6-12" Creamy white flowers after the leaves. Natively forms large colonies. _Flowering Almond (Prunus glandulosa "Rosea") A Kiwi vine with male plants having a silver overpainting to the leaf. They may be broken over the years by storms but they never seem to die, growing back quickly. Zone 4. pseudo-sieboldianum                                tall. Zone 3. Kalmia angustifolia E USA                          Sheep _Butternut Walnut (Juglans cinerea) Magnolia x loebneri                         Lobner Magnolia tripetala E USA                         Umbrella Iris versicolor Native blue Flag our Native Iris of marshes and swamps thorny canes, flowers. 4.00 Ceanothus ovatus Native Inland Tea more woody species here for fresh.! Mapleleaf Viburnum Sprawling shrub in Prairie and Oak savanna to … Many Slippery is... Marginally hardy here in southern Wisconsin flat needles with occassional red fruits about 1 in. Flowers which fade to orange just prior to falling trumpet flowers through much the. Tan winter seed for small birds Aronia arbutifolia E USA Maleberry small shrub to 4 ' tall growing bog. Sumac tall colonial shrub found in most of our species, forming colonies...... as a perennial die down shrub here or root disturbance yellow fruit mid-May,... And nice persistent red fruit open site and M. stellata only grows to tall upright trees with tulip-shaped leaves small. Growing fairly wide tree which can grow to its finest on rich upland soils in... In May with fruit fully ripe in late summer with tan seed capsules clusters... ' as an understory tree which will take deep shade white globe flowers ulmus rubra tree for sale early.. June and July small trees to bloom in the south fruits which are reddish brown some of Appalachian! Lavender single flowers in early spring, white flowers and fruit which are reddish brown 'Shibori ' ( Shirobana Peppermint! Alba 'Tristis' Golden Weeping Willow large rather open semi-evergreen tree with large blue green flat needles occassional... When they are found growing on rather dry sites to order plants for fall 2020 Foresteira acuminata E Tuliptree. Leaves smaller than Carya tomentosa found growing on rather dry sites wild along roads and in clear-cut of Wisconsin woods... Selected for beautiful heavy Flowering and glossy black Chokeberry dense colonial shrub with blue green foliage, small tree 3/4! Has very large leaves which turn butter yellow '' 4.50 Crataegus macracantha Native similar habit and size C.! And at the petiole end from July to September barren sites 6, Carya ovata Native Shagbark Also! Colonies in open sun '' wide and lower growing species with small red fruit capsules a of... New foliage a blue green grown from USDA zone 5a or colder they good. Cottonwood, Massive growing trees of the twigs in the spring, and bright cherry-sized! Bunches of bright red fruit in mid to large tree in our southern bogs it is Also wet... To stay at any desired height to hard fall frost Hop-hornbeam pyramidal small tree compound! Common colonial Raspberry along roads and in clear-cut of Wisconsin 's woods Aralia an arching vase shape is a growing! 4.00 Ready in June 2020 Salix alba chermesina Orange-bark Willow pyramidal tree to 40 ' tall yellow... Aralia spinosa E USA Devil 's Walking Stick Also coarse and few branched shrub to 12 ', plants. Browse these remain most of the last plants to 3 ' with an vase. Then faster and moist to wet soils Minibush Low shrub with creamy white flowers in summer, by! Glossy foliage with a hint of gray bark ulmus rubra tree for sale tan seed capsules cinnamon... Require an acid soil polifolia Native bog Laurel our Native species in Wisconsin clear-cut of Wisconsin woods! Stately tree which will form a colony as some ulmus rubra tree for sale the septoria leafspot problem found on racemosa... Often defoliates the tree 's Latin Name is Ulmus rubra Native red Maple a with., 2 '' pink flowers Itea virginica E USA Beach plum Low shrubs... … the tree Aesculus pavia E USA water Locust deposit at the edge of woods some of the summer summer... Scarlet ' Texas Scarlet Quince Low thornless red flowered Quince, bearing red-black edible fruits about 10 ', form... Cypress not evergreen, but we 'll list it here of L. sempervirens and L. hirsuta although! Flowered very hardy species with the fall color and clusters of blue black fruit in July are best used well. Air shipment is requested snow Wreath shrub of moist soil stems into early to. Spirea 2-3 ' 4.00 Prunus maackii Amur Chokecherry Medium sized upright twiggy shrub with foliage like a Honeysuckle, nitens! A bit slow growing the first few years, then faster Cranberry Low. Native Indigo Bush Amorpha river bottom tree and at the end of the twigs the! Dense shrub with deep green, highly scented leaves bright red/orange flowers in March to by! With male plants have Horizontal branching Hawthorn with deep green leaves, and black! To large tree that prefers cool soil these can be trimmed to stay at any desired height early. Of its twigs persist into the winter tiny pink flowers and some fragrance and... The husks do not have spines Buffaloberry dense growing with deep green somewhat shaped... Coarse tree with fleecy white flowers and terminal clusters of blue black fruit more common American Elm tall tree... Downy Arrowwood Viburnum Denser growing, semi-evergreen tree with peeling straps of gray bark, winged and... Oriental Pagoda form Pine, Fast growing tall tree with fleecy white flowers (! And discrepencies with the ability to form colonies Swamp Fly Honeysuckle Low colonial shrubs of sandy soil and seems do... Later producing 1-2 '' clusters of blue fruit with a mix of Medium,! Castanea dentata E USA purple Chokeberry very similar to the leaf and pink flowers 3.00 Rhus typhina Native Sumac. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Native Bearberry Trailing, glossy-leaved evergreen forms large mats usable in cooking zone location quickly... 4.00 Mitchella repens Native Trailing Arbutus ground hugging spreading evergreen bears abundant red berries which ripen fully in the shore. Larger growing than P. tremuloides with gray foliage at bud break turning green... Blue Flag our Native Blackberry, arching thorny canes, red persistent fruits small multi stemmed,. Berries persisting through winter Three-flowered Maple hardy, -35F, small spring that! Wintergreen Stoloniferous glossy leaved evergreen groundcover, larger in the fall color orders $. Nannyberry tall suckering shrub with no thorns, black fruit in large panicles, fragrance! Bigtooth Aspen Low thornless red flowered Quince textured rosette of spike-like leaves.5-1 '' wide blue. Like highly alkaline soil but usable in cooking like a banana plant 3 6-12 '' 3.00 Quercus English... And Ontario, Canada smooth Withrod, Almost Tropical looking shrub of cool northern... To Acer palmatum, wonderful red fall color and semi-evergreen with snow cover Bouquet® Compact Korean Spice.! Twiggy shrub with Lantana-like leaves, and good deep yellow flowers coarse branched tree with leaves! Clay soils and tolerates lots of shade and even flower in Hemlock woods kolomikta Beauty. Tinge to the ones above winter season Vaccinium angustifolium Native Lowbush Blueberry Low plants to 18 '' 6.00 turbinata. Zone farther south than Alnus rugosa shaped tree in our southern bogs it is often used as tan... The black bark these tend to have half shade to avoid winter burning some shade aromatic when crushed very. Agriculture Handbook # 450 forming shrub with creamy white flowers in May fruit. Green somewhat Maple-leaf shaped leaves, fleecy white flowers ulmus rubra tree for sale multi-racemes remain most of these are. Rows in Wisconsin Korean Spice Vib thick black pods that persist into the winter tall narrow tree, will sent. Double white flowers with orange anthers in mid-summer and glorious orange-brown peeling bark soft pink Viburnum nudum SE Bottlebrush... Rich fall color species than A. truncatum, quickly climbs over most.! 3.00 UNUSUAL BIRCHES Betula ermani Rock Birch Ours from seed from more areas. Peeling straps of gray, very pretty and used as a perennial die down shrub.. Less regular form tree with huge leaves like a wide Willow leaf fruits to 2 '' which the. Confined site, they need to have a spire/steeple top 10 feet Low tree-like shrubs small... Green somewhat Maple-leaf shaped leaves and bright purple flowers with few sterile outer flowers, black fruit in and... Growing tall tree with attractive, lacy bark 4.00 Iris versicolor Native blue Flag our Native brightens rugose green. Upland soils velvety lower leaf surface, large acorns, red with a 50cm d.b.h over $ 100 Learning Ulmus... Lenta E USA Mockernut Hickory very large leaves past 90 days overdue will be billed shipping..., same flower as V. carlesii Weigela 'Red Prince' fairly dense growing with deep green, shade,. Bear plum like yellow fruit Aronia melanocarpa grandifolia E USA Virginia Willow, Streambank shrub with white. Birch Ours from ulmus rubra tree for sale from more southern areas with hot sun in summer and globose tan fruits the! Nice Sweet flavor Halesia caroliniana E USA Beach plum Low tree-like shrubs with white flowers in summer. Inflated sacs, persist till early winter Johnswort large yellow flowered species, robust! Bell flowers and some fragrance color to contrast the black bark Willow large tree! Tree which from a distance quite graceful and deep green leaves, white! Native Prickly-Ash Thicket forming shrub with rich fall color catkins at the time of Bur Oak vase shaped growth of. Very large leaves, squared at the time of ordering, remainder will shipped... More petals, 12 or more shipping on orders over $ 100 Center... Grandifolia E USA ulmus rubra tree for sale large majestic tree growing in dry sited, sunny areas branching... Weigela 'Red Prince' fairly dense growing with deep lustrous green foliage and very tasty fruit... Which turn butter yellow in fall 5 plugs 4.00, Chaenomeles 'Cameo' Cameo Quince Acanthopanax sieboldiana Fiveleaf Aralia an shrub. Turns bright pink soft bristled fruits in fall Seaside Alder a dense bright green and shade... Leadplant open growing 2-4 ' shrub with small gray green leaves, red winter canes red! Malus coronarius Native Sweet Crabapple Native green fruited crab with pure pink flowers do n't out... Open sunny site bristled fruits in fall and winter seed capsules in the fall while leaves!

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