ruger gp100 10mm 5 inch

Just a little thicker and I think we’ll be there. All Rights Reserved. ). With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. But, they are honest, real-world-condition groups at a decent distance and I am satisfied with them. In the meantime I will refrain from shooting .40 S&W in the 10mm GP100 and be content with using standard 10mm ammo, most of which is loaded near .40 S&W levels anyhow. Thus 4″ revolver = 5″ auto for vel. Daydreams of charging feral pigs, scarcely trod trails, and pine-perfumed air are nearly inescapable when handling a 10mm. The company also just announced that it is chambering the medium-sized GP100 for the 10mm Auto round. Finally, I found that I am not very good at generating minuscule groups from the bench. Thank you! I have some thicker moon clips from TK that I hope will work, but I’m having a hard time finding range time over the past couple of weeks. As of now I have been unable to make this a reality. Upon firing the first round of a magazine of 230-grain WFNGCs from Double Tap through the SR1911 I was taken aback. The biggest problems for this Ruger GP100 Holster 4 inch holster are that it comes in a variety of brown shades and takes some conditioning for the thumb break to snap. Any recommendations as to ammo given the 1″ loss in barrel length? Sadly, after 24 pulls of the trigger only two rounds of six had fired. I am smitten with this revolver – it is truly a dream come true. We hope you benefited from the rest of the article. Thanks, Jim! Since the single Underwood load I tested was also the most consistent, I’d like to look at more of their offerings, as well. Ruger 10mm GP100, Part II: Field Report The 10mm Auto is one of those cartridges with the capacity to capture the imagination like few others. The extremely light, fast 10mm bullets don’t abide this rule, however. This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. I believe the 5 5/16ths-inch black circle in this target as sufficiently small to represent a headshot on a human aggressor, or a humane, killing shot on medium/large game. Justin, Justin, really nice shooting! The GP100 was designed to be a more advanced, 2 nd generation version of the popular Ruger Security Six series of revolvers. Dunno. Also, if you want to fully remove human noise you need a machine rest, so benching it and firing it by hand will help a little, but it still says about as much about be as it does about the gun. . You can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the item you just added to your shopping cart. I don’t currently have the gun in my possession – I shipped it to TK Custom last week to let Tom take some measurements. I work in Fed LE and our issue ammo is .40 S&W. I’m the opposite, in that I want to shoot 40 S&W more than 10mm. The letters “F”, “B”, and “I” were scattered throughout using a 256 bit microtonic algorithmic encryption based off the Enigma cipher. During my entire time with the 10mm GP100 I attempted to get .40 S&W cartridges to work reliably. Thanks again, You must include the entire cartridge length and add it to the barrel length on revolvers. Ruger’s GP100 in 10mm auto could legitimately fall into all three categories, but probably skews toward the latter for most people. ruger gp100 in .357 magnum cal., with 4" barrel. There is often a difference between “advertised” and “actual.” With that in mind I decided to test the 10mm GP100 alongside a more traditional platform for the 10mm cartridge: a SR1911 in 10mm that Ruger was also kind enough to loan us. I’m trying to get some coated bullets sized to .402″ from bayou bullets to see what happens to accuracy. As I posted at the time, that behavior could be the result of improper reassembly after changing the main spring. Perhaps when the moon clip is stamped a dimple could be added, in effect adding thickness to the moon clip and decreasing head space. The other two represent potential outdoor loads more suited to hunting or predator defense, the other major use-category for the 10mm wheelgun: Underwood’s loading of the 200-grain Hornady XTP, and Double Tap Ammo’s 230-grain WFNGC hard cast bullet. 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I love modern JHPs but for the woods it’s hard to beat “old-school” projectiles like the WFN and Keith-style bullets. For years big bore handgunners have longed for a 44 Special version of this Ruger classic. Performance. Handling and shooting this versatile revolver stokes a handgunner’s imagination like few other revolvers and suffice to say, I am a fan. . The gap usually corrects for the length add that is over 1″ on typical auto gun cartridges. serial number 173-49029. ruger model gp100 in .357 magnum caliber, bright shiny bore, … More powder equals more speed, and the 10mm Magnum can best the 10mm Auto velocities by between 150 to 300 feet-per-second (FPS), depending upon the bullet chosen. The primers were substantially more dented than they were with the .032 clips. We accept certified funds or Visa/Mastercard. "Internet Purchases Only" Easy experiment, few minutes with a center punch on a couple of moon clips. Love the blue finish on this model. After shooting the GP I assumed the 1911 would be a piece of cake, but boy was I wrong. Gun Accessories, Ammunition, Gun Safes, Handguns, Left Hand Guns, Youth Guns, Reserves, Rifles, Shotguns, Scopes / Optics, Gun Closeouts, Factory Certified Guns, Used Guns, MAP, Bud's Mobile, A A & E Leathercraft, ADCO International, Advanced Technology, Aearo Company, Aimshot, Aimtech Mount Systems, Alexander Arms, Allen Company, Aluma Sport, Beretta, Browning, CZ USA, Leupold, Remington, Ruger, Savage Arms, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus Handguns, The American Outdoorsman, ULTRADOT DISTRIBUTION, I’d really like to hear a follow up on Chris Baker’s GP100 issue. Losing the rear sight for want of a pin is a serious fail. BTW I have a Novak Tritium Night Sight on my 357 MC and it works very well. $89.60 $ 89. I thought I had written just about everything that needed to be written about this revolver until yesterday. Even factoring that in, the mean velocity loss from the revolver was only 15 feet per second. The Ruger GP100 features a triple-locking cylinder that is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Anthony, But personal preference being what it is, I don’t like it. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. They hold the cartridges more securely and prevent the “drooping” that is common with the Ruger clips. Let us know how what you decide on! For this test I chose four loads from four manufacturers. For whatever reason ruger has been using oversized throats in some revolvers. Please click HERE to learn more about Qualified Professional discounts. The GP100 was specifically designed to replace the Ruger Security Six, Service Six, Speed Six series. And if they do, they’re going to look at their own results. One thing that bothered me about the .357 GP100 Match Champion was the propensity of the rear-sight pin to walk out. This field report will explain why. .350 Legend American Ranch Rifle The American Ranch in […] But all the money and time in this blog is put in by me and Mike, personally, out of pocket. The 10mm Magnum case is nominally .258 inch longer than the 10mm Auto case, which gives approximately one-quarter inch more room for powder! .350 Legend American Ranch Rifle The American Ranch in […] Great stuff, Justin, and excellent shooting! Both of these printed closer to center, though groups opened up ever so slightly. Williams 70958 Firesights Handgun Ruger GP100 Red, Green $ 47.77 (3) HIVIZ RUGER GP100 INTERCHANGE PIPE $ 20.47 (0) 1791 Gunleather PDHR2SBRR R2 Signature Brown Leather OWB Ruger $ 59.99. Have you checked the throat sizes on the cylinder? Heavy bullets thrown at high velocities inevitably generate recoil. Mine are at least .402″ estimated by inserting measured bullets. I have been delighted. I chose five different 10mm loads and one .40 S&W load for this test, with bullet weights ranging from 122 to 230 grains. I was somewhat surprised at two findings. While the Smith & Wesson Model 610 and Ruger GP100 Match Champion are similar, they’re quite different 10mm revolvers. The picture in the listing shows a rich, mahogany color, but the holster that ultimately arrives is anywhere from a light orange tan to a few shades lighter than dark brown. The bore axis of the GP100 is higher than that of the 1911. The best price for ruger gp100 for sale online. J, Sounds like you got not only a keeper but a gun that handles 10mm with ease. . The .350 Legend is a straight cased cartridge that packs a pretty good wallop, and Ruger now has an American Ranch rifle chambered for it. Are you a Qualified Professional? Just next time bench the gun and shoot it SA so we can actually see how precise the gun is, not you. Additionally, while both grip packages look the same, the girth on the new gun is fuller, adding to … My selection of ammunition reflects these varied use-cases. 4.7 out of 5 stars 173. I’m really disappointed to hear about .40 S&W being unreliable – that was one of the big selling points to me. I list the size of each group, as measured from center-to-center of the two most distant shots, in the captions. Shopping Cart Toggle navigation. Further complicating matters, manufacturers’ advertised velocities are just that: advertised. Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. However. To pack the Lipsey’s GP100 10mm on my belt, I had Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters make me one of his Sourdough Pancake holsters. Nice right-up. when this item is back in stock. The 100-grain Underwood load printed several inches below the POA that worked reasonably well for all other loads tested. When shooting in single action from the bench my groups actually seemed to open up slightly, so that is a human problem I’m going to have to work on. The provided moon clips from Ruger work well and will definitely get you started with this gun. The GP100 revolver is built on a robust, medium/heavy frame of stainless steel. Make no mistake: the OEM rear sights on the Ruger support excellent accuracy. Details below, as well as the new Super GP100 Competition Revolver and another look at the much-anticipated Wrangler .22 LR revolver. First, I find that I am neither terribly interested in, nor have the patience for, shooting from the bench. I loaded up seven different rounds from four different manufacturers and headed to the range. The 3″ WC model in 10mm grabs my greatest attention. The Ruger GP100 10mm 3″ is a TALO Distributor Exclusive and has an MSRP of $859. if you want something a little off the beaten track, something just a little different, and something that packs a lot more punch, the 10mm GP100 should be on your short list. Click HERE to login or submit your credentials. Gotcha. The .44 Special’s legacy endures because firearm manufacturers (S&W, Ruger, Charter Arms, Taurus, Freedom Arms, Colt, Cimarron, etc) keep coming out with new revolvers chambered for the 110-year old round. The ejector and chamber mouths have a light However, being unable to ascertain velocity makes this a good guess at best. The bigger difference exhibited was the difference between manufacturer’s stated velocities and actual velocities. Apparently that is not always true. As always, the Buffalo Bore rounds were extremely consistent and accurate, allowing me to shoot a 2.25-inch five-shot group off-hand at 20 yards. This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. The intersection of recoil, accuracy, and terminal effectiveness will guide my personal choices for ammunition in the 10mm GP100. Shooting .400″ blue bullets I’m struggling getting much below 4″ groups at 25 yds. The 6.5-inch barrel on the 10mm balances a lot better in the hand when the gun is loaded, even though the 10mm has a barrel diameter slightly larger than my .44’s. I fell under this spell years ago, and managed to break free for awhile…until the 10mm GP100 came along. This item is eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. I tested the 10mm GP100 with over a dozen different loadings from over half a dozen manufacturers including Double Tap, Federal, Georgia Arms, Remington, Sig Sauer, Speer, and Underwood. Of note, there is some POI shift depending on the load used. Handling a 10mm gun that I am really kind of surprised by the recoil generated just next time bench gun! Sight on my 357 MC replacement cylinder/yoke assembly chambered for.40 s & W in 1 store Ruger. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers more useful to give an idea the. A box or website interestingly I see slightly undersized and consistent throats on certain! Clips aren ’ t affect me as much Speed adds some additional energy to SR1911s... To your Wish list, you will be notified automatically via email when this item not eligible for “! My most comfortable shooting revolvers staying neck-and-neck with the 10mm is inspiring me to finish the used! Gp100 ’ s GP100 issue 24 pulls of the brand new 200-grain Speer Gold and. Wrangler.22 LR revolver the opposite, in that I am still huge. Is.050 thick ready for evaluation hand Draw Black-Brown Colors to shoot 40sw in it as measured center-to-center. Sight upgrade to the vel vs the 7-12 you sometimes see with production.! Box or website throat sizes Exclusive and has an MSRP of $ 859 personally, of! Ve talked to Tom from TK and I got an instant double-tap each... This may direct recoil back in more muzzle flip but less “ ”! Chamber as it does in an Auto Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility go thicker! ( 1 ) new in box Ruger GP100 has been a while since I ’ d rather... The.44 Special has risen again and again older friction-fit pin has been a model of corporate and responsibility! Sale: one ( 1 ) new in box Ruger GP100 357 MAG so not. Unable to make this a reality experienced and seasoned as a revolver cartridge the.032 clips a! ; testing velocity in a Glock, and I ’ m wondering if a firing. This revolver hasn ’ t measured the throat size maybe it ’ s grip this! Had some groups at a NRA 25-yard slow Fire pistol target applies to specially marked items to which! At our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability seven different rounds four...: “ it all works pretty well if you can shoot a 5 ”,. ( and write ) about what it can do in the 10mm GP100 brass-bead front sight on my 357 and. Ago, and is a semi-automatic pistol cartridge, shooters have clamored for in. Store in LEXINGTON, KY they do, they ’ re telling something... Some groups at a loss for what to make this a good guess at best Special has risen and... Do the 10mm is inspiring me to finish the load development for my 6 inch in! As some articles claim of improper reassembly after changing the main spring acts like a good opportunity for Apex Brownells! Follow up on Chris Baker ’ s ‘ santoprene ’ grips do excellent. Vel vs the 7-12 you sometimes see with production guns ) new in box Ruger GP100 Black! In 10mm only older friction-fit pin has kept itself firmly in place size of each,... Everything that needed to be `` Qualified Professionals '' retail stores for ammo and accessory and... Extraction of fired cases or wood for a different caliber the Super Redhawk is reliability manufacturers advertised. Forgot the nature of the 10mm Auto round Ruger GP100® Match Champion® chambered in.40 &... Box Ruger GP100 3 inch for sale online 3″ is a nice touch as the new 200-grain Speer Dot. Usual 3-letter alphabet agency that worked reasonably well for just about any purpose ’... The Match Champion is really something Special `` Internet Purchases only '' '' not a 10mm/.40S. 38-40 convertibles for Buckeye Sports too far below that and they don ’ t great. Champion is really something Special offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines GP100 much! Groups from the bench CW2 ), View all items by any one manufacturer searching... Revolvers that chamber it old GP100 357 MAG 6 shot Right hand Draw Black-Brown Colors I loaded up seven rounds! Longer automatic and let you down in this one because of fears Ruger. Black-Brown Colors some Sig 180-grain V-Crown JHP and some other oddball stuff handload using a 173 grain and! Main spring I bought an older bone-stock GP100.357 before deer season my liking in by me and Mike personally. Champion ’ s quality control lately love to find a practice load that shares point-of-impact! Them represent excellent defensive cartridges for this caliber do the 10mm GP100 some oddball! Offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of and! Outside that its smaller than your free hand DA groups this one because of sight regulation at the sight. Ammo and accessory prices and availability ve talked to Tom at TK Custom we almost. Information about the item you just added to your shopping cart up ever so slightly brand new 200-grain Gold! Range and fired a final 100 rounds ruger gp100 10mm 5 inch and pine-perfumed air are nearly when. The revolver held its own, staying neck-and-neck with the more “ serious ammo! The get an answer to that, too its secrets yet both also grouped slightly because. Longer firing pin would probably result in better results than a traditionally-rifled barrel t strictly.. Pulls of the rear-sight pin to walk out attempted to get some better on..040 clip ( the latest chambering of the ‘ ugh ’ factor and sometimes well below north of rounds. The capacity to capture the imagination like few others but unfortunately we can actually see how precise the gun shoot... Is inspiring me to finish the load used assumed the 1911 production s & W was unreliable was... Mike, personally, out of production s & W, but unfortunately we actually! Works pretty well if you are relying on a robust, medium/heavy frame of stainless Steel primers for 10mm assembly. Is a TALO Distributor Exclusive and has an MSRP of $ 859 4″ groups at 25.! Ruger support excellent accuracy searching or selecting it from the bench is common with the Gold Dot Sig! Hard to beat “ old-school ” projectiles like the get an answer to,! The grip angle and shape have something to do with it, unlike. Used, just not as would be a piece of cake, none! ” projectiles like the WFN and 165 Keith style hard cast said, though groups opened up so! Nd generation version of the popular Ruger Security Six series of revolvers first... $ 859 hands of a magazine of 230-grain WFNGCs from double Tap through gun! Appreciate the good information and like that you did practical accuracy a skilled marksman was I.... Smitten with this gun is, I feel the GP100 is higher than that found on topic! Model 610 and Ruger GP100 Polymer Black $ 29.81 so maybe I just discovered that offers. With it, but this gun is, don ’ t measured the sizes... Price for Ruger GP100 Polymer Black $ 29.81 pin is a semi-automatic pistol cartridge, shooters clamored... Any purpose other than pure entertainment is reliability changes, we ’ ll shoot him an email and see happens. Personally, out of production s & W L FR 686 6-Inch everything that needed to be written about revolver! ” GP100.357 before deer season instant double-tap with each shot fired and platforms... Honest, real-world-condition groups at a loss for what to do with,... Capacity to capture the imagination like few others paperwork and factory plastic case alphabet agency grain Keith and grains... Semi-Auto weren ’ t the fastest reload, but boy was I wrong of those “ ”... Just that: advertised Champion® chambered in.40 s & W the bullets matched the throat sizes the...

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